1st Recon - Dedications to Fallen Comrades
This part of the website is for exactly what it says. If you have a picture and/or  want to write a dedication to your friend, please submit it to me for inclusion here. If you want to add a dedication to an entry already here, please email me here.
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for Doc Schroeder from the men of Charlie Company. 1st Recon Bn. 1st MARDIV.  KIA, 14 July 1966 while on patrol with. On the Wall - panel 09E Line 020. He was from Lansing, IL. (Jim Edwards) 

INMEMORY.jpg (33697 bytes)  Memorial Day 2000 tribute. Photo of 1st Recon at Chu Lai in 1966 (Wayne Sirois)
Sgt Joseph John Jones, USMC  - team "Panama Hat" - KIA,  3 July 1968

in loving memory of my brother

Rose Mary Graveline

Dedicated to the memory of Charlie Tannehill, Sgt. USMC, Bravo Co., 1st Recon (by BB Riley)
To all my Recon brothers, this is Frank Montez. He spent 19 months in Nam, killed with seventeen days left. My hero and a great team leader for Alpha Company. Was awarded the Silver Star for his valor on September 20, 1969 I live with his memory every day.

Let us not forget the heroes that made our life continue. Semper Fi Brothers. (by Larry Huffman)

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