Field Day 2000 in NW Vermont

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RANV Field Day at Redmond Road in Williston, VT

  Improvised ladder tower, HF Phone operation tent. Closeup of antenna mounts for makeshift ladder tower
  Mitch (W1SJ) and Ted (K1HD) operating 20m SSB Ted (K1HD) and Carl Phillips (KC1WH) on 20 m SSB
  One of several small generators powering things HF CW tent with Mitch (W1SJ)
  Looking from Redmond Road up towards HF CW tent and the 50 foot  Military Surplus Tower Richard (WN1HJW) minds the food stores 
  The base of the military surplus tower. Neil (N1ZRA) walking through stringing a wire antenna Novice/Technician tent with 10 meter beam
  Satellite Antennas near Novice Technician tent Solar panels powered the satellite transmitter
  Looking down on the base of the military surplus tower Closeup of the bottom section of the military surplus tower
  Closeup of the guys of military surplus tower Eric (N1SRC) operates six meter phone in the VHF 'Tent' (converted horse trailer!)
  Mitch (W1SJ) prepares the dining canopy Mitch (W1SJ on right) is interviewed by Mike (W1RC) for radio broadcast

W1MOO Field Day at Technology Park in Williston,VT

  Linda (W1MP) hard at work on 20m SSB Linda (W1MP) does have time for a smile 
  All logging was done by via networked laptop computers  Ron (KK1L) and ??? working 20 m SSB
  Bob (WE1U) once again prepares his world famous Field Day cuisine  Bob (WE1U) and roast prime rib, corn on the cob, and garlic mashed potatoes
  Bob (WE1U) takes his cooking seriously!  W1MOO Power and Light Company a single large generator supplying all stations
  The Udder Club has three of the military surplus towers up at 50 feet, 50 feet, and 70 feet.   W1MOO's public information table with handouts and a speaker tied to the 20 meter SSB station transceiver
  Bob (WJ1Z) operating 20 m SSB

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