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Lobstercon 2003 Brochure

Door Prizes and Raffle Winners
K1T Operating Log

For any of the captions below that have "???"s in them, please email me and let me know the names and/or callsigns I am missing. To make it easier use the number in parentheses as a reference. TNX ... 73 de N1BQ

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Lobstercon 2003 was supported by

Thomas Point Beach Campground has wonderfully tall trees for hanging skywires ... bring your slingshots! Shelter came in all styles! Dave's (W1QB) rig.
It was rainy and damp Friday afternoon as Suzanne Grow, Dr. MegaCycle, Ham Joel (KE1LA), Diane (K1LQ), Dennis(K1LGQ), Dave (W1QB), Grace Denison, and John gather to dry out and talk shop Jim (NS1E) with NEQRP Banner
Friday night dinner at "The Taste of Maine" in Bath, Arne (K0ZK), Jim (KK6MC) and XYL, Suzanne Sara (W1SLR), Dennis (K1LGQ), Diane (K1LQ), Rex (W1REX), Katy, Jim (KC1FB), Claudia, Brian (N1BQ)
Jim, Dr. Megacycle (KK6MC) loses to the lobster as Brian (N1BQ) looks on Thanks to Dave at K1SWL at Small Wonderlabs and the AmQRP group each Lobstercon attendee received a Rock Mite 30 kit
Steve (KD1JV - sitting), Jim (NE1S), Trevor (KD1YT), Jim (W1FMR), and Dave (NT1U) during Saturday's flea market Diane (K1LQ), Dennis (K1LGQ), and Jerry (AA1OF) check out Mike's (WA8BXN - seated) projects and collection of Altoids tins
Greg (W2JWM of QRP Bookstore), John Grow (VE2EQL), Jim (W1FMR) during flea market Grace Denison, Steve (KD1JV), Dave (K1SWL - Small Wonder Labs), Steve (KL7JT/1), Ham Joel (KE1LA)
Jim (W1PID), Ham Joel (KE1LA), Seab (AA1MY), and Jim (NE1S) Seab's "press gang", Dave (W1QB), Seab (AA1MY), Ham Joel, Dave (NT1U) and Jim (NS1E) putting wires in trees before lunch
Diane (K1LQ) chases off early foragers as lunch is prepared by Rex, Charlie and Dave Charlie Armantrout grills hamburgers for the Saturday lunch BBQ
Katy Harper and Erin Wood do a land office business at lunch selling lemonade to Trevor and Dr. MegaCycle Rex, Trevor, Dave, Steve (KL7JT/1), Katie (K1SWL - XYL), and Butch (WY1W) at the BBQ buffet
After lunch, Seabury Lyon (AA1MY) conducted a kite session. ??? (???), Brian, Jerry (AA1OF), Seab, Jeff (KA1OLE), Trevor (KD1YT), Jim (KC1FB), Jim (NS1E), Mike (WA8BXN) Getting the kite ready. Jeff, Seab, Jerry
The spool of 300# test dacron line. Several turn around the ground link for better outflow control of the kite line. Notice heavy leather gloves!! Jeff watches the kite starting to rise (Jerry in background)
... up ... ... and up!!!
Seab, Trevor, Jim, and Jerry listen as the plastic plate on the kite line "sings"!!! The "Kite Mobile" Antenna crew, Jerry, Jeff, Butch, and Brian, built an 88 foot doublet and hung it from the kite line
The three "Stand-off Insulators" Mike (WA8BXN). Greg (NE1OB), and Jeff, hold the feedline off the ground while Trevor operates 20m SSB in the CQ WW contest with 2.5 watts The 'peanut gallery' contemplates the skywire crew's efforts
The objects of culinary desire ... 100 fresh lobsters ... BEFORE ...and AFTER Bill (NT1R) has his way
Lobster cook Bill (NT1R) is supervised by Jim (KK6MC - Dr. MegaCycle) and Dennis (K1LGQ) Steve "Melt Solder" Weber (KD1JV) gets an early prize
Ham Joel, who here seems to be contemplating Nirvana A lot of satisfied diners!
A grand time was had by all! After lobster dessert some fine chocolates, Ham Joel (KE1LA) and his XYL, Erin Wood and her Dad Jeff, (KA1OLE), Trevor (KD1YT) and his XYL, Priscilla, Brian, (N1BQ), and Alex (AI2Q),
Suzanne and John Grow. John (VE2EQL), in charge of promotions for Lobstercon, was master of ceremonies for the door prize drawings after dinner. After dinner conversation

K1T - Lobstercon Special Event - On the Air!!!
CQ WW - 20 SSB - Saturday


30m CW - Saturday

K4AXF (Jim - VA)
WA2HNA (Dick - NY)
WY1W (Butch - CT)
VE3ELA (Ken - ON)

30m CW - Sunday

WA0IDK (Jim - MN)
K8JPM/M (Bob - OH)
AA1OF (Jerry - ME)
W1FMR (Jim - ME)
AA1MY (Seab - ME)
K1LGQ (Dennis - ME)
W1QB (Dave - ME)
NC3S (Phil - DE)
W3HZW (Ed - DE)
WA3SLN (Mike - PA)
KD1JV (Steve - ME)
KG4PUG (Dave)
W1REX (Rex - ME)
WB3AAL (Ron - PA - A-Trail)
N2OH (Larry - Lakewood, NJ)
W3BBO (Bob - Erie, PA)
W4YDB (Bob - VA)
W1PID (Jim - NH)
W2SBA/VE3 (Donald - ON)
K2UY (Ken - Oceanside, NY)

Lobstercon Attendees
Call Name City/Town State/Province
W1REX Rex and Katy Harper Windham ME
VE2EQL John and Suzanne Grow Greenfield Park PQ
WY1W Butch Bacon Gales Ferry CT
K1SWL Dave and Katie Benson
Small Wonder Labs
Colchester CT
W1PID Jim Cluett Sanbornton NH
KE1LA Joel and Grace Dennison Strong ME
KK6MC Jim "Dr Megacycle" and Ginger Duffy Cedar Crest NM
W1FMR Jim Fitton Salem NH
KC1FB Jim and Claudia Francoeur Norwalk CT
N1CUU Carl and Rhonda Heidenblad Fairfield PA
W2JWM Greg Lawrence
The QRP Bookstore
Lansing NY
NT1R Bill Legge Yarmouth ME
KD1YT Trevor and Priscilla Lewis Calais VT
AA1MY Seabury Lyon Bethel ME
NS1E Jim and Janine MacElroy Henniker NH
AI2Q Alex Mendelsohn Kennebunk ME
Dennis Mirandos
Diane Troyer
Brookline NH
NE1OB Greg O'Brien Marlborough MA
K0ZK Arnie Olean North Lebanon ME
WA8BXN Mike Pechura Kirtland OH
W1QB Dave Richards Oxford CT
Brian and Sara Riley Underhill Center VT
NT1U David Siegrist Shrewsbury MA
KL7JT/1 Steve Stutman Sudbury MA
AA1OF Jerry Terres Franconia NH
KD1JV Steve "Melt Solder" Weber Gorham NH
KA1OLE Jeff, Carol, Amy, and Erin Wood Woodstock VT
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Lobstercon Door Prizes and Raffle Winners

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