March Blitz: The Lion of Winter - Mar 6th, 2001
(with apologies for blatant plagiarism to "The Weather Channel")
Wulfden at Hawk's Mountain
Underhill Center, VT

  Ground level is three feet under my feet and the Blazer. In by the door its two nine inch steps down to go inside. Spenser the wonder mutt, who was 1 year old today climbs his mountain.
  The real problem here is that beneath the new snow is white ice, 3-10 inches of boiler plate. That and there is no longer any place left to put the snow. Standing inside the house looking out I can see out the front windows if I get on tiptoes, I am 6 feet 2! For the first time this winter the snow actually was deep enough to occlude the solar arrays.

March Blitz II - The Canyons of Wulfden - Mar 22-23, 2001

  In the twelve years I have lived here it is the first time I had to hire a front end loader. We got 2.5 feet of heavy wet snow on top of 3-5 feet of packed snow. The big thing was there was no place to put he snow, so it had to be lifted up and dumped over what  we still had.
  Pushing back the plowbanks. More snow coming end of week, Lake Champlain and NY States Adirondacks can be seen in the background. The Blazer has its own stall.
  The plow banks were pushed up so high I had to trim them down so the solar arrays wouldn't be in shadow/ Looking down "Riley's Canyon" a.k.a. my driveway.
  Looking out the front window towards the Blazer. The top of the plowbank is higher than the floor to ceiling windows. Standing on the deck looking out to the door yard over top one of the solar arrays. Normally the array would block the picture but I haven't shoveled the deck yet!!!
One thing to keep in mind when viewing these pictures is that in the two weeks between the storms there were numerous sunny days that had melted away about two to three feet of snow cover. The plowbanks were no more than two to four feet high before the second storm. The first storm though it started wet quickly turned to light fluffy snow. The second storm never dumped any rain at all at my altitude, but the snow that fell was wet and heavy for the whole storm. Being off the grid came in handy as the valley lost power for the better part of a day when a falling limb caused a short that blew a major distribution transformer.

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