Long Trail Outing to Butler Lodge - 24 Aug 04

The trail head at Stevensville Road in Underhill Center, Vermont
Brian Riley, N1BQ ready to go. The black tube hung from the pack is the 20 foot extendible 'crappie' pole for the antenna. Note also the trekking poles. This trail is one of the steepest approaches to Mount Mansfield. the trekking poles are almost a necessity for the last third of the trail, particularly coming back down.
Decisions, decisions! Barry Parker, non-ham, my best friend and trail mate.
Almost there. Just in front of Butler Lodge, looking West towards Lake Champlain.
View from Butler Lodge to the West. The Town of Underhill, Vermont is in a "U" shape because of McComber Ridge which is on the right here. The mountains in the far background are the Adirondacks in New York State and Lake Champlain is the thing blue strip just in front of them.
Butler Lodge with N1BQ already busy making contacts. the Vertcial Black Widow Fishing Pole Antenna is lashed to the deck rails with bunji cord and the counterpoises are streamed alomg the rails and over to the far right corner of the cabin.
N1BQ busy making the ether sing!
Brian, N1BQ works W5SAN bicycle mobile in Texas on 17 meters.
Closeup of the pole lashing
'The Setup!", Icom 703+, 2x2.2AH gelcells in parallel, paddlette key, Kenwood THD-7A and Garmin GPS linked together for APRS. Compass, maps and Long Trail Guide and the ever trail popular - bag of Gorp; home made, Riley-style - dry roasted peanuts, roasted sunflower seeds, raisins, and M&Ms

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