NVQS Field Day 2001 - N1QS
"Henrik Kruse Block" of Underhill State Park
in Underhill Center, Vermont, USA

The GANG -  Eric (N1SRC), Kristin(AA1SK), Dave (W1DEC), Bill (KB1GXE), Brian (N1BQ), Frank (KT1VT), Jay (KK1J), Dick (KG2LN), Fran (KM1Z), not pictured John (KB1ENS) 

Start setup on Friday - Spenser the wonder mutt, surveys the empty FD site. Partway through Friday setup, KD1R's tent blows over for the second time! Winds were gusting up near 50 mph!
  Frank (KT1VT), Bill (KB1GXE), and Brian (N1BQ) putting up Frank's VHF array, 6m beam first. Jay (KK1J) and Frank getting 2m beam on. Brian and Bill in background
  VHF array up in the air. Frank had made a rotatable guy plate from 3/4 inch plywood resting on a slip surface of some PVC adapters screwed to mast. Fran (KM1Z) walking the 40 meter full wave delta loop antenna out away from the AB-577/GRC military surplus crankup tower with Fran's A3S tribander on board
  Fran's Wally World special tent housed the VHF station. Bill about to enter. Operating station row, near to far, HF1, HF2, VHF. Each with its own Seimens SP-75 solar panel and deep cycle battery. One continuing comment this weekend was about the blessed absence of the sound of generators. Dick (KG2LN) in background
  John (KB1ENS) tent, with HF1 an FT817 mostly hooked to the 40 meter delta loop

The CW tent, HF2, Fran's TS450 cranked down to 5 watts. The papers taped to the wall are 'cheat sheets' for the TR Logging program.
"TR - don't do FD without it!"

  A long view of the site down the operating tent row. The towers, solar panels, the operating positions View down comfort section row. The gray tent is the kitchen area, renamed "The Swamp" when N1BQ inadvertently placed it over the one low spot.
  Kristin (AA1SK) operating 40 SSB on an FT817 with Jay logging. "The Swamp" - a.k.a. the kitchen - look close and you can see the ditch John (KB1ENS) had to dig to drain the swamp (pun intended!) 
  Brian (N1BQ) in VHF tent, running FT817, with Heil headset mike and a lightweight hospital type footswitch (easier on the hands!) Fran (KM1Z) operating 20 CW on the TS450
  Brian (N1BQ) and his father-in-law Bill (KB1GXE) in VHF tent Frank (KT1VT) and Eric (N1SRC) work 40 SSB
  Dick (KG2LN) operates 20 CW. Look close you can see Dick's military style straight key with thigh clam on his right leg FD2001-026.JPG (67639 bytes) If you look carefully you can see the 40m full wave delta loop
  We were at 1700 feet ASL. For a good part of the weekend we were above the clouds!!  The massif in the background is Mt. Mansfield. Stowe ski area is less than 3km in front of you, on the other side of a few million cubic yards of granite!

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NVQS Field Day 2001 Site
"Henrik Kruse Block" of Underhill State Park
at the end of Harvey Road off of Pleasant Valley Road
2 miles north of the Stop sign in Underhill Center

Monitor 146.61 Rptr / 802.899.4527/On APRS as NVQSFD

Route 15 from Burlington Essex, etc East to Jericho then Underhill, by "Big John's Riverside Store" bear right out to Underhill Center. After turning you will go by a library and two schools on the right and a saw mill on the left (in that order) From Rt. 15 it is 3 miles to the village of Underhill Center.  
At the stop sign in Underhill Center bear around to the left, this is Pleasant Valley Road, and go exactly two miles to a sign on the right that reads "University of Vermont Proctor Maple Research Center" This is Harvey Road, turn right. Go straight up the hill exactly 1 mile, N1BQ's driveway is on the left. Field Day site is straight ahead another .25 miles. (on map Harvey road is under the map scale)

NVQS Field Day Schedule

Friday 22 June 1800 EDT Setup Tower/Antennas
Friday after Fajitas at N1BQ's by Chef Jay
Saturday 23 June 0900 EDT Finish Setup
Saturday 1200 EDT Cold cuts/sandwiches available
Saturday 1400 EDT Begin operating
Saturday 1730 EDT ARRL VE Test session **
Saturday 1830 EDT Supper available
Sunday 24 June 0800 EDT Breakfast available
Sunday 1200 EDT Lunch available
Sunday 1400 EDT  Shutdown/Takedown
Sunday 1600 EDT Final policing of area and depart
** - VE Testing Session, all tests, Technician, General, Extra, and CW will be given. Walk-ins will be accepted; we do prefer prior contact to n1bq@wulfden.org. REMEMBER to bring two (2) forms of ID, photo-ID preferred, a spare copy of any existing FCC license and $10 testing fee.

NVQS - Field Day 2001 Planning

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