NVQS Field Day 2002 - N1QS
"Henrik Kruse Block" of Underhill State Park
in Underhill Center, Vermont, USA

The GANG - at breakfast Sunday morning - (L-R) Suzanne Grow, John Grow (VE2EQL), Kristen Freeman (AA1SK), Donald Devey (VA2DWD), John Wagner (N1QO), Isabelle Larivier (VE2ICQ), Dave Cain (W1DEC), Max Prati (VE2HAC)(Charles Eduard riding on top), Bill Stutz (KB1GXE), Sara Riley (W1SLR) (down in front)  NOT PICTURED - Brian Riley (N1BQ) (taking the picture), Eric Freeman (N1SRC) Trevor Lewis (KD1YT), Adam Browne (N1YJH), Jeff Spencer (W1RL), Alex Spencer (N1ALX) Dscn1137.jpg (142193 bytes)
Dscn1077.jpg (162064 bytes) The batteries for The NVQS Power and Light getting topped off by ...  Dscn1078.jpg (162366 bytes)  ... four 60 watt Solarex PV panels at N1BQ's QTH
Dscn1079.jpg (207426 bytes) Dave and Bill screwing down one of the guy anchors on Friday afternoon Dscn1082.jpg (143141 bytes) Our last view of the mountain until the skies cleared Sunday
Dscn1088.jpg (164163 bytes) Brian, cranking up the infamous 'rocket launcher', Eric in background Dscn1103.jpg (142947 bytes) Charles Eduard, Max's harmonic, checking out the soda supply
Dscn1097.jpg (73829 bytes) AB577 Tower and A3S tribander up, the Superloop 80 and Superloop 40 also attached, topped by an ANLI 200 2/440 vertical Dscn1100.jpg (66303 bytes) The horse trailer and the 6 meter beam mounted
Dscn1091.jpg (84475 bytes) A close up of the connecting ring on the tower sections Dscn1090.jpg (76311 bytes) A warning NOT to be ignored!
Dscn1098.jpg (153288 bytes) John (N1QO) handling tower guys Dscn1096.jpg (139977 bytes) Max (VE2HAC), doing the same
Dscn1120.jpg (101541 bytes) Eric and Kristen operating together, we tried to pair operators up, when possible, one to log and one to operate. Dscn1104.jpg (95826 bytes) Our top rookie operator, Donald (VA2DWD), who has only been licensed a month, logs for Dave.
Dscn1118.jpg (93813 bytes) Brian, operating 40m SSB in the wee hours of the night with a Heil headset on an FT 817 Dscn1145.jpg (120642 bytes) Kristin operating 10m SSB on Sunday morning. We used the IC706 despite high receive current for CW mostly.
Dscn1121.jpg (53495 bytes) Adam, N1YJH, uses his Titanium G4 Powerbook with Airport card to tap into  the NVQS network and look up the scores Dscn1107.jpg (104787 bytes) Kristen working 15m SSB in the wee hours of the night. All our other rigs were FT817s with LDG Z-11 tuners. The W4RT One Touch Tune for the 817/Z11 is a must for FD type ops.
Dscn1109.jpg (120837 bytes) The heart of NVQS Power and Light, an Exeltech 500 watt pure sine wave inverter which ran compact PL lights, and laptop computers. The transmitters ran off of 75 AH SLA Batteries Dscn1114.jpg (173983 bytes) The energy center, 4 60 watt Solarex PV panels and 600 AH of lead acid batteries.
Dscn1141.jpg (125885 bytes) A closer view of the panels and batteries. Notice one of our spare SLA batteries (the Yuasa) taking a topping off charge Dscn1142.jpg (104425 bytes) The heart of our logging system a Linksys BEFW11S4, wireless enable router. The brains was a Gateway laptop running Linux with a MySQL logging program served up via Apache and PHP to other laptops with web browsers via 2.4 GHz wireless cards
Dscn1108.jpg (96584 bytes) John, going nuts installing the Linksys wireless card drivers on Max's laptop which was all in French! Dscn1138.jpg (141420 bytes) Max and Isabelle's Laborador puppy, a guide dog to be, appropriately named "Marconi"
Dscn1102.jpg (136298 bytes) Operating areas to the left, comfort areas to the right Dscn1111.jpg (175156 bytes) The primary comfort tent. It measure 11x18.
Dscn1112.jpg (119482 bytes) We set up tables for foods, and a box of Kristen's famous chocolate chip cookies stands ready. Dscn1113.jpg (107202 bytes) We also setup a cot and there was room for several sleeping bags on the floor
Dscn1130.jpg (118793 bytes) After a delicious BBQ chicken dinner Saturday night, we celebrated Brian's birthday Saturday. Brian, Adam, Dave and Isabelle Dscn1124.jpg (146657 bytes)  John (VE2EQL) brought this cake from Montreal for Brian
Dscn1132.jpg (113396 bytes) Eric (N1SRC) Dscn1131.jpg (119827 bytes) John (N1QO)
Dscn1129.jpg (109044 bytes) Donald (VA2DWD), Kristen (AA1SK), Suzanne Grow Dscn1128.jpg (107680 bytes) John (VE2EQL) and Suzanne Grow
Dscn1134.jpg (136454 bytes) Donald, Kristen, Suzanne, and Sara (W1SLR) Dscn1136.jpg (151891 bytes) Sunday breakfast gang, Fresh croissants, an assortment of cheeses jams, fresh fruits, cold cereal.
Dscn1146.jpg (177465 bytes) Sara and Suzanne grille up burgers and dogs for Sunday lunch while the rest of us did takedown.


Notice what's missing??? There is not one single picture of a generator or a gasoline can!

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 Our performance was 454 contacts, operating Class 3A (battery)
completely with Solar Power plus battery power.
114 CW contacts
340 Phone contacts
800 bonus points
for 3640 total points

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