NVQS QRP Forum at the Milton Hamfest, 2001

John Wagner, KB1ENS, wrote this synopsis to the QRP-L List

"I have seen the light"

and so launched Brian, N1BQ into an entertaining and informative QRP Forum at Milton, VT Hamfest at 0930 EST on 2/24/2001 sponsored by the Northern Vermont QRP Society (NVQS).

Brian's narrative and handout covered the reasons QRP is so popular, why it's fun and what can be done with it. He went over the "S-Signal math," talked about different awards, Appalachian trail operating, the Northern Vermont QRP Society, different kits available, CW and SSB operating and Internet resources for QRP. Brian covered a lot of ground (some of which I haven't mentioned). Brian is an excellent speaker and held the attention of the standing-room only crowd the entire time.

Fran, KM1Z talked about making circuit boards and the NJ QRP Club Warbler (with a live demo at the end). NJQRP CLUB, WARNING: more orders are probably on their way!

Bob, WE1U gave us a great walk through the Elecraft K-2 and all of its options - and a mild indoctrination into the religion of the Royal Order of the K-2.

Yours truly stammered the through the QRP-L Fox hunts and Cub Fox Hunts and passed around a log and map (N1FN from 11/17/2000 and KB1ENS from 11/02/2000) to demonstrate what can be done with QRP in a two hour stretch. I also showed off my K-1 and repented to the group that I had to send it in for repair after it was built.

There were numerous kits displayed and passed around during and after the forum. While talking with a number of attendees, I got the feeling that there were more going to be more then a few of converts. It was great to chat with some of the old-timers who are looking for a new challenge.

Thanks to Brian, N1BQ for his tireless work on the forum and fantastic presentation. The NVQS table was also manned by Jay, KK1J and others to whom I apologize for not mentioning by name. Ed Hare, W1RFI was kind enough to bring the original TT2 for display.

Also thanks to Elecraft for sending a pile of informational pamphlets on the K-1, K-2 and order blanks. An "almost ran" award to Yaesu, whose FT-817 pamphlets were delivered to my QTH yesterday afternoon when I got home.

73, John, KB1ENS

-- John Wagner - john@neknetwork.com Web page: http://www.neknetwork.com

Ed Hare, W1RFI wrote this to the QRP-L List

John is being a bit modest on this one. What he didn't mention is that the QRP presentation they put on was by FAR the best-attended of the show! What was really neat was that everyone else noticed, too. Tom Frenaye, K1KI, the ARRL New England Division Director, got some positive reinforcment about the value of QRP and the growing interest of hams in the QRP part of the Amateur Radio Service.

73, Ed Hare, W1RFI


Milton0101.jpg (102366 bytes) NVQS QRP Table in the hamfest area. On the table (from l-r), several NJQRP Tuna Tin 2's(shiney cans), the brownish can is Doug DeMaw's (W1FB) original Tuna Tin transmitter brought along by Ed Hare, W1RFI. Behind the TT, under a speaker is an 40m OHR100a. Then a OHR WM-2 Wattmeter, an MFJ-941, on top of the tuner is an MFJ-9020, and a NJQRP Warbler. The two keys visible are a set of Bencher Iambic paddles (black base) and a small WhiteRook single paddle.

We raffled off an NJQRP Warbler kit, an NJQRP Tuna Tin 2 kit, and some issues of QRP Homebrewer. The winners of the two main prizes were;

Corky, K4STR - NJQRP PSK-80 Warbler kit
Mo, N1ZBH - NJQRP Tuna Tin 2 kit

Milton0102.jpg (104539 bytes) The 'presenters'; Brian(N1BQ), puzzling over the PSK80 hookup. John(KB1ENS) talking about the K-1, Fran(KM1Z), trying to figure out what's bothering Brian, and Bob (WE1U) grinning ... what else is new! (turns out the Radio Shack dummy load is too well shielded and would receive to the tune of 20% copy on PSK31 from 15 feet away!)
Milton0104.jpg (94506 bytes) Jay (KK1J) manning the table during the forum when the rest of us were talking. Jay is our workhorse; you put him to doing something and it gets done! He is also a chili cook extraordinaire! Just ask our FYBO team!
Milton0103.jpg (103270 bytes) The crowd after the forum checking out the Warblers and asking a lot of questions.

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