NVQS Members at QRP To The Field - 2001

N1BQ - Single Op Monolith Station - by Mount Mansfield (VT)

  Getting things sorted out. I started using FT-817 w/Z-11 tuner and hand logging Antenna up, a 40 meter dipole on 20 feet of fiberglass tubes. My "monolith" in the background, Mt Mansfield (elev 4398ft)
  The lovely Sara, W1SLR,all bundled up, the sunshine not withstanding, with our two Golden Retrievers, Spenser and Summer. The wind picked up in mid afternoon and dropped the effective temp (wind chill) into the 30's
Time Freq Call RST State Name
1749 14.056 K4MF 559 FL Gary
1824 14.057 WA2DAC 559 NY Lynn
1914 7.043 W3KC 599 MD Chas
1939 7.030 WR1C 539 ME Art
2030 14.059 KM1Z 559 VT Fran
2042 14.061 KN5TX 559 TX Oak(?)
  I tried several configurations, but misery and performance dictated the final configuration, the K-1, its internal tuner, the Poquet PC to log, and the Bencher. Probably the only time these two settled down, Spenser the wonder mutt (left) later dug a hole by the left rear leg of my chair and I rocked back once too often and went over like a pole-axed bull!

 KM1Z - Leddy Park, Burlington, VT

 Image027.jpg (55845 bytes) Fran, KM1Z, at an earlier QRP outing.  
Call St Loc Name
N7KE WA 3 Tom
K4FB FL 3 Paul
N1BQ VT 5 Brian
N4ROA VA 4 Dan
WU0L CO 5 Mark
K0EVZ ND 5 Hal
W1UFO MN 5 Hal
W0CQC CO 2 Rich

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