Vertical Black Widow Fishing Pole Antenna (VBWFPA) by Ed Brenheiser (WA3WSJ) in N1BQ's garden in Underhill Center, VT looking out at Lake Champlain and NYs Adirondack Mtns.
FT817 - 7AH gelcell battery, phones and solar panel - hooked to VBWFPA antenna on 20m SSB
VBWFPA Antenna all tucked away.Ttubes all telescoped together, counterpoise , coil, radiating element in red drawstring bag. Coax all coiled up.
Simple Field setup, VBWFPA (tube and red bag) 7AH battery. Elecraft K-1 w/Paddlette, 25' coax, phones, and 5 watt Unisolar flexible PV panel.

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