NVQS - CW/Morse Code Resources Page


  • "Fox hunting" helps develop CW operating skills. There are two categories of Fox Hunt held twice weekly each
  • FISTS (The International Morse Preservation Society) Website
  • The great book by William Pierpont, N0HFF, "The Art and Skill of Radio-Telegraphy" is available online. Subtitled "A Manual For Learning, Using, Mastering And Enjoying The International Morse Code As A Means Of Communication"
  • Check this site out! PA3BWK's Ultimate Morse Code Website, sponsored by Bencher.
  • There is a thought provoking article," CW From the Field: The Importance of Morse by the Book", by Dave Fischer, NC7W/W7FB in the December 2000 issue of The ARS Sojourner, the online journal of The Adventure Radio Society.
  • Jack Wagoner, WB8FSV has a wonderful bunch of a web pages about radio, and ham radio in particular. I really like his Beginners Guide to Making CW contacts. It's a must read for any new Ham interested in CW.
  • Want to learn/improve your CW fist? Chuck Adams, K7QO, has "K7QO's Online Code Course" at his website. The beginner portion of this excellent curriculum is keyed to the ARRL Code course. Then there are Chuck's methods for sending and recieving high speed CW and some challenging MP3 code practice files, including one labeled "If you can copy this, you don't need me!" (page down two or three times to find the links from his main page)


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