Wulfden II

The Cabin Becomes a House 

Brody up on the log wall setting the center beam Kyle holding the laminate beam steady, until it is secured it flexes like a hacksaw blade
  Doug holding the other end where it mates to the old cabin wall. Brody securing one of the floor joists. We went with 2x10s on 12 inch center. Though it meant more beams it was cheaper and stronger.
  Inside the wallsThe slab has 2 inches of pinkboard beneath; making for a warm floor later The overall new log structure. The kit came from Katahdin Forest Products in Maine and that part took less than a week.
  Preview of things to come; marrying to the old roof was to be a bear! With all the joists up and the load bearing wall in place the shape of the new floorplan starts to emerge
  Standing on the second deck looking off towards Lake Champlain and New York State  Michele, Brian and John. J&M came to visit from Montreal and helped lay out all the log siding for the dormer that had to be stained.
  Boo-Boo Kitty in one of the dormer windows The roof essentially up, the gable ends still need to be framed in.
  The very next day from the pix above, an early October snow makes work messy. This triple roof juncture has been something of beat with snow accumulation. Note the light tube that goes down into the kitchen.
  Gable ends done, roof done, exterior staining 1st coat done The flapping of the tarps is driving us nuts at night!
Doors and windows mostly in place Dave helping Brian with electrical in the temporary kitchen area
  The outside may look great but there a ton of work to do inside. The new 17 cu ft propane refrigerator and the highly energy efficient Staber washer gather dust waiting a place to be hooked up. 
  Brian doing electrical work. Not the fold out couch in foreground. We slept on that for three months! Storage was a nightmare  during this whole process.
  Sara and Tracy on one of her visits from college to what Sara calls "the Destructo Zone" The temporary bathroom arrangements
  Progress on "the accomodations" Robbie doing the shower tiling
  The shower with floor and wall tile almost done We heat with wood, but his Empire 35K BTU heater is our backup and has worked nicely. Unlike the fancier Rinnai this does not need any electricity to operate.
  Rascal, Tracy's cat Boo-Boo Kitty feels free to use the dog bed.
  Spenser, the wonder mutt, in what we call "the Gazoinky position" Sheetrock arriving. The whole arm is controlled remotely by the driver standing up in the attic of the addition.
  The hallway to the stairs, bounded by the kitchen halfwall with will eventually sport a breakfast bar. December, snow has come; house is all buttoned up.
  Bathroom plumbing all in place all that remains is the grab bars and handicap seat. Toilet pedestal, closet for the hotwater heater
  Brian and Wulfden II's first Christmas tree. Wulfden II's first Christmas tree's post-holiday demise!
  Kitchen; cabinets in place just some painting and trim work left. Looking towards the half wall with stove butcher block and refrigerator Kitchen looking towards sink and main storage cabinets
  temporary living room configuration ... Brian watching TV the hall area and woodstove the slate is finally down.
  Boo-Boo Kitty's "Christmas Rag" Post Christmas bash at Wulfden; Movie Marathon Reunion.
    Sun Dog on a Sunday Afternoon

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