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Hawk - Timbershephard
Born - 8 November 1988
L.R.R.P. Security Services - Aichen, South Carolina

Died - 11 December 1999 - Requiat In Pace
Wulfden - Underhill Center, Vermont

Hawk is a fourth generation 3/8-5/8 North American Gray Timberwolf - German Shephard Hybrid. At birth, he represented about seventeen years of selective breeding across seven to eight generations.

Puppy Hawk at five months

Adult Hawk at seven years

Hawk on the verge of his first swim. Prior to that he was afraid of the water, but I threw a stick and he jumped after it on reflex - OOPS!
Hawk and Alexander. They grew up together for four years. Alexander is only three months older. He can do **anything** to Hawk and elicit no more than a pathetic    help me look from Hawk. Notice the little yellow rubber lion toy. Six years later he still has it tucked in a corner of his dog house and growing, God knows, what kind of bacteria! (** Hawk was buried with his little lion and ratty pink plaid blanket)

Hawk and John Pedron's sixth grade class at Brown's River Middle School, when they were studying a unit on wolves.

Hawk and his kitty, Geordi - domestic tranquility!

Hawk and his kitty, Geordi - bath time - this is also known around here as   SLURP-A-KITTY

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