FYBO 2001
Northern Vermont QRP Society

at Wulfden on Hawk's Mountain (N1BQ's QTH)
in Underhill Center, Vermont

133,056 Pts - 84 Q, 33 SPC, 48x other multiplier - See our Log Book

  Fran (KM1Z) and Jay(KK1J) getting setup The deck and solar panels at Wulfden Manor
  The operating position, note Fran having to hold down the Bencher paddles. The cold and old rubber feet, made the surface slippery. A mousepad solved the problem. The military surplus fiberglass tubes made excellent masts. They came from a camo net support package.
Image036.jpg (162994 bytes) The swaged fiberglass tubes just slip together quickly and cleanly Image033.jpg (170307 bytes) The dipole center connector zip-ties to fitting the simply slips on top of the pole
  Jay, operating Fran's Sierra,  misunderstood. He thought it meant "Freezing Your BRAIN Off" !!! Fran mentors young Leo (KB1EZE) for his first time on the air on CW
  A view of the operating position, over the shoulder of Fran. Blue Box next to Sierra is Fran's audio booster for second headset or speaker If we had sound, Fran would be yelling " ... acchhh, where's the RF Gain control???"
  Brian (N1BQ) flexes frozen fingers while logging a  QSO. Another view of Deck. Jay, Brian (operating), Fran, Dave (W1DEC)
  Fran and Brian (operating) Brian, thinking about the last bowl of Chili
  Jay and Fran Sara (W1SLR and XYL of N1BQ) takes the above picture of Brian!
ge_0235.jpg (103617 bytes) The view from Wulfden, looking West towards Burlington(VT), Lake Champlain, and the Adirondack Mtns (NY) ge_0240.jpg (76704 bytes) Sunset over the Adirondacks, the end of perfect day (only 4 more hours to operate/freeze!)

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