FYBO 2002
Northern Vermont QRP Society

Feb 2nd, 2002 - 87 contacts with 32 SPCs and 48 multiplier for alternative energy, field operations and below 20F operating temperature for a total of 133,632 points. Click here for Log.

  Bob (WE1U) up on the plowbanks setting up the fiberglass dipole masts The two dipoles plus John's (VE2EQL) 88 foot Zepp
Closeup of the John's antenna Boo-Boo Kitty insisted on attacking every dipole guy string!
  Fran (KM1Z) and Brian (N1BQ) watch Bob (WE1U) operate Bob operating, solar panel is a 60 watt Solarex over 10 years old and still putting out near max ratings.
  John  TenTec worked us for 10 meters John and a would be ham watching over his shoulder
  Brian operating, note battery wrapped in several towels in cardboard box Bob running his K-2 in the VT QSO Party while other operate FYBO
  The parking area got quite full at sometimes Bob's delicious baby back rib lunch left everyone happy and full
  Suzanne (John's XYL), Sara (W1SLR) and John (VE2EQL) John the picture taker gets his picture taken
  Fran (KM1Z) operating in the morning A frozen Fran on the last 20 minute shift not keen about camera flash

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