FT-817 Power Conditioner Kit

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  • In the June 2005 issue of QST there was an article by Phil Salas, AD5X, entitled "Input Voltage Conditioner - and More - for the FT-817" It details a project to add reverse voltage, over voltage, and over current protection, a more convenient power connector (Anderson PowerPoles) and an external voltage regulator to take the much of the heat dissipation from the inside of the rig to the outside.

  • KIT DOCUMENTATION - The only documentation for the kit is here; it includes text, diagrams, schematics and pictures. Nothing is sent with the kit. You may download the file in PDF (700KB) or in Word DOC (200K) format. This file started as the author's rough draft of the article but has since been updated (9/12/2005 by the author and myself) to answer questions that have arisen since kitting began. Download this, even if you have the QST article. The schematic by itself is here.

  • The project design calls for the use of the Anderson Power Pole connector. The alignment convention adopted by amateur radio operators in the USA is the same used by OCRACES and is detailed here.

  • We do NOT offer, nor do we have any future plans to offer, pre-made, assembled and tested units. This kit is best assembled with the target radio at hand to check for fit as the work on the mounting box progresses.

Basic Kit

This is a complete kit of all parts from the article's recommended list including the not-so-easy to find M3x25mm screw, mounting hardware for the switch, and a spare Littlefuse. The only thing you may need to purchase is heat sink compound (Radio Shack p/n 276-1372). The purchaser will be required to do all the drilling and cutting involved in the project.

There will also be two additional sets of spott-welded Anderson Power Poles and three extra 3A Littlefuse fuses.

$18 plus shipping

In the slightly under nine years we have been offering this kit, the FT817 community has purchased just over 4800 of these kits. You all have been very good to me. For the forseeable future, this kit will remain in stock. That is to say that I will continue to reorder materials for 15-25 kits every time my stock falls below 5 kits. When and if I do pull the plug on this kit, there will be at least two month's advanced notice ... THANK YOU ALL ... 73 de N1BQ!