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Shipping and Handling Charges - are flat rate based on order value and destination country.

Order Confirmation - Your PayPal receipt is your order receipt confirmation.You will receive an email when your package is shipped. All shipping is by US Postal Service. See the chart below and locate the best description of your order and click on the proper shipping fee.s If an order is received without the appropriate shipping fees the customer will be informed by email, and the order will be held until the requisite charges are paid.

Customer Email Address - you need to supply Wulfden with a real email address for an account that is checked daily. If there is a question concerning your order and my emails get no answers, I cannot be responsible for your order beyond the face value of the PayPal order. Make <brianbr@wulfden.org> able to pass your mail management software.

Order Processing - PayPal orders are generally sent within a day. You may order by mail with a US Postal Money Order or a personal check; they must be made out in "US Funds." Orders paid by check will be held seven days after receipt. Make checks or money orders out and send to:

  Brian Riley  /  PO Box 188  /  Underhill Center, VT 05490