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Peter H. Anderson's LCD117 Firmware

pha1 lcd117 LCD117_E Source Code
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The latest revision of the LCD117 firmware is available pre-programmed into the PIC 16F1827. Both The Shoppe at Wulfden and Modern Device sell these chips separately, in small or bulk quantities, or bundled with displays and/or complete kits.

"I believe this to be the most versatile serial LCD interface available on the market, with a 64 byte receive buffer, the ability to interface with a variety of LCD geometries, EEPROM storage of the LCD geometry, a customized text screen, eight user defined characters, tab size and cursor style, the ability to display normal text and "big numbers", a rich plain language instruction set, five general purpose outputs and an interface with a speaker or similar to provide a "beep"." (PHA)

[LCD117.F] (May, '13). As per Peter's wishes, Paul Badger of ModernDevice.Com and Brian Riley of took over maintenance and further development. LCD117.F is LCD117.E undergoing enhancement. (BBR)

[LCD117.E] (May, '13). Peter Anderson's LC117.D source code was corrected for a minor quirk in the CCS compiler, advanced to revision LCD117.E, placed under MIT license, and is now released to the public. The LCD117 MIT files can be found at the link above to the right of the pictures. In order to compile and burn the firmware source code to a chip you will need a copy of CCS's PIC-C Compiler. (BBR)

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